Our comprehensive Chauffeur Service - more than just a drive

We are glad to provide our chauffeurs for journeys with your own company vehicle. Our Chauffeur Service combined with the use of your company’s own vehicle not only saves you costs, you also gain valuable free space.

The journey time - time that you can use freely!

  • Preparation of the meeting, the discussion or the negotiation
  • Study or preparation of files, records and reports
  • Phone calls or personal conversations with fellow passengers
  • Relaxation while reading the daily press or
  • Peace and quiet to rest

Our trained chauffeur has prepared for the trip, made himself familiar with the area, checked the traffic news and will drive you safely and comfortably to your destination.

On request, we use the waiting time to care for your vehicle or to carry out your wishes.

So our employee becomes your personal chauffeur - on request and when needed. Without holiday and without sick leave.